Hardly a singer seems to me more suited to this category of „voci modeste“.

Stabile´s was an exceptionally long career, that lasted from his professional debut in 1909 until 1955 when he was still singing in „Il Turco in Italia“ opposite Maria Callas at the Scala. His „anni di gloria“ were without a doubt the inter-War years during the reign of Artuto Toscanini at the Scala, where he made his big breakthrough as Falstaff in 1921. Yet – with the exception of guest performances in London and at the Salzburg Festival and a single appearance in North America (Chicago) in 1924 it was a career restricted mainly to Italy.

Hardly a remarkable voice: neither in timbre, colour, vocal range or volume. Yet – what makes Stabile´s singing so fascinating are his accomplishents as a singer and vocal actor (as well as his stage acting according to every one who worked with him). A singing actor in the best sense of the word blessed with a sense for hard work, musical intelligence, a feeling for style and excellent diction. (The same could be said here, by the way, for the ever excellent Giuseppe Nessi.)

04 Otello, opera- Innaffia l’ugola! trinca, tracanna

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